2D animation : problem with rotation interpolation

Hi everyone,

In a motion with 2D sprites, I got some key points with different rotations (only the z is changed). I want an instant modification, so I choose Broken with Both tangents : Constant, but 1 or 2 frames before a key point it makes a little interpolation before set the correct value, for example for 0 to 180, in the 2 frames before 180 the value is around 5 and 7. I tried both Quaternion and Euler Angles in the Interpolation property, it doesn’t change anything.

Has someone a solution for this ? Or do I have do change the rotation in another way, maybe with a trigger which set the local rotation ?

Thanks in advance.

PS : sorry for my bad english

Click on ‘Curves’ and check there isn’t anything weird happening before the ‘constant’ keyframe, if there is you can just drag things around in this window to your liking - the line should be perfectly vertical