2D animation transitions and unexpected position changes

I have a gameobjects with an idle 2D animation that transitions to another animation when a certain condition is met. When that happens it does change, but the gameObject it is atacched to changes its position and that’s messing up my scripts.

It’s suppoded to be an stationary animation, but it goes to the right crazy fast and then stops.

I’ve troubleshooted it to be something related to the animator or the animations themselves. I’m sure it must be a stupid thing but I’ve still got no idea, somebody help :c.

hello ,
I can maybe think that you might had by accident changed the position of the player while you were recording the animation

another thing is maybe you didn’t set gravity to 0 if it is moving down

maybe you forgot to uncheck the exit time and the fixed duration and put the fixed duration to 0

last thing you might have a mistake in the scripts maybe

hope it helps