2D ball makes "micro bouncing" infinitely


I have the last free Unity 4.3.4.

I made a simple test:

  1. Ball: Circle Collider 2d + Rigidbody 2d (mass = 10, gravity scale = 5) + Physics Material 2D (bounce = 0.5, friction = 0.5).
  2. Floor: Box Collider 2D.

Problem: When I start the test, the ball just falls down on the floor, bounces several times and stops… But in the end it doesn’t stops totally, it makes “micro shaking”, “micro bouncing”, and I can’t eliminate this.

I don’t use any code, only Unity engine.

This effect is expected when you increase your gravity scale. There are 2 options you can do

  1. lower down the gravity scale
  2. control via coding

for coding you can refer