2d Blend tree problem

Hello Unity Community,

I have a question regarding blend trees, I have been following the stealth tutorial by Unity and am stuck on the enemy animator controller. When I create a blend tree for my character, after dragging and dropping all motion fields and clicking on compute position (AngularSpeed and Speed) I receive an error stating that one or more positions are too close to each other. My run values and turn values come out on par with the speed of walk and idle, any way I can change this other than manually editing it? Have I missed something in set up?

Appreciate the help!

Animations get mapped to a 2D space and have 2D coords in the 2D blend trees. When I had this problem I had an extra idle type animation (called turn_right) so I accidentally had two animations mapped to the same coordinates., e.g. (0, 0). Look at the list of animations for the blend tree in the inspector and check that you don’t have two animations too close to one another in 2D space.

@username there is typically a vertical and a horizontal axis dropdown in my case they were both set to vertical in the blend tree scene