2D Box Collider / Sprite change direction issue

Hello everyone. I’m currently trying to make a game and I ran into an issue.

When i face left and right my character flips in a weird way to where its not even and I’m wondering if there is a way to change the point of where he flips in his model.

I basically want to turn to the left, but keep the same 2D Box Collider position (Green box around player) relative to the platform instead of how it changes and the player almost falls off. The player will fall off sometimes when he is on the edge and just changes directions. How do I fix this???

You can try change the pivot point to the center of the 2D box collider not the sprite, then the rotation of the sprite will base the center of the 2D box collider. Now when you change the direction the 2D box collider will not change. I doesn’t know 2D box collider, so I didn’t try.