2D box collider : Why my Box gameobject won't pass ?


I have a little problem with 2d box collider. I want to pass a box between two blocks (1) and let it fall between two others (2). Each square have this Scale (1,1,1).
But impossible to pass the box. 132766-1.png

I tried to reduce the collider of the box but when i make a column of boxes, the height is less than the height of blocks and it’s not clean.

Have you got any solution ?

I’m fairly sure that to problem is with trying to have “perfect” collisions, there will always be some imperfection which means that your box will never fit through hole that is exactly the same size.

Could you just change colliders on the level instead of the box to make the whole little bigger?

Yesterday, i found a compromise. I let the colliders on the blocks (more easy than tweak them along the whole level) and set the box with a 2d box collider with edge radius. So the box pass steps 1 & 2. I had to increase the gravity to 10 for the step 2…

Then, the boxes stack in an almost good way (1 pixel missing for four boxes).

But now, i have another problem. When my player jump onto the boxes column, a kind of bounce appears. By playing with the masses of boxes, it disappear a bit but, it is still present.

What can i do to avoid the behaviour ?