2D Camera 'zoom'

Currently I have an orthographic camera set-up in a platformer game. There was an issue where the graphics wouldn’t display pixel perfect so I found a common formula to calculate the size of the camera in order to achieve pixel perfect graphics.

This worked until I realized I’m going to need to be able to ‘zoom’ in and out while keeping a good quality of my images. What I was trying to do is simply change the size of the camera for the zooming effect. I’m not necessarily interested in pixel perfect graphics but just something that will look good with no lost pixels or seams like I had prior to the pixel perfect formula. Is there a better way to draw the graphics or another way to zoom. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Example gif of flickering graphics below.)

You need to play with fov and mipmapping. Since you are not going to be pixel perfect all the time. You might also have to play with the mipmapping fade out settings.