2D Cartoon Jungle Pack


Hi, I created this set of 2D cartoony style graphics designed for side scrolling games.

Asset Store link:

Package contains:

  • 37 foliage elements (trees, flowers, grass, palms, mushrooms, carrots)
  • 6 stone elements
  • 18 water related elements (ponds, bubbles, water plants)
  • 12 decal elements
  • 16 background elements (trees, bushes, branches, mounds)
  • 21 foreground elements (lianes, ivies, stones, grass, plants, trees)
  • 28 ground elements (hills, terrain shapes)
  • 8 fog elements
  • graphics are prepared for high-resolution displays
  • example scene included



I hope that you'll find this useful :)

3269534--252496--Screenshots_0008_Layer 1.jpg
3269534--252499--Screenshots_0006_Layer 3.jpg
3269534--252501--Screenshots_0003_Layer 6.jpg
3269534--252502--Screenshots_0002_Layer 7.jpg

This is really nice looking 2d art. GJ.

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I am happy to announce that this pack has just been released!
Asset Store link:

Hi, your links lead to the assetstore home page.

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Thank you! Fixed!