2D Character creator ,how can i save current clothes (changes)

Hi i am from Poland and i making 2D game. I have a problem with my character customize system ;/. Look at my scripts
Scripts for changing clothes:

#pragma strict
 var otherObj : GameObject;
 function OnMouseDown () {

1.With this script i can only put on clothes but i cant put this off (reverse an animation) can anyone give me good script to this?
2.When i end customize my character i try animate the main camera (camera go down to other area when you choose your abbilites), but i have problem with it becouse i cant write or find a script with this ;/ (i need a script to play camera animation when i click on the DONE button :wink:
3.I need object like a spawner wchich will spawning ready character (clotches,abilities) when player end all customization area.
I am waiting for help :wink: