2d Character gets stuck when jumping platforms

I add platforms to jump to/from

but if i land a certain way it just gets stuck


how can i fix this? :confused:

Try using either a 2D physics material with 0 friction on the side collider for the step (not the top) or use a platform effector 2D.

increase the power of jump of player and use polygon collider in step and on the player 2d physics material with 0 friction

@JustSomeWeirdGuy Need more info… maybe a look at your player movement script
doest it get stuck and fall down or just stays there?
posible problems:
In colliders… maybe in the shape of player or ani scripting data on colliders
Friction… Check if there is friction between both if so, set to zero
MovementScript… if you are depending on rigidbodys or collider check their poperties or if you are using some grounded state movement system to tell player when is able to jump or move depending on anlge this might be it.
try putting the collider of the steps also with a samtt tip vertically so the player doesent get data from hitting them incorrecly