2d Character physics?

How can I make my player have proper physics so when he runs down hill that hes actually turned and touching the ground rather than having to be a static that is partially on ground and floating because hes not snapped to the ground? I’m working on a 3d 2d view Sonic the Hedgehog game and I want to be able to make it so sonic runs down hill and it looks like its suppose to rather than having him looking like hes partially floating and static to the straight ground…Sorry for the poor explanation.

I just want my player to tilt on an incline so it actually looks realistic rather than having him straight as if he was on a flat surface.

You could make a Raycast from your characters feets and down to the ground.

You should only cast the raycast if:

  • you are not jumping
  • you are not grounded

The raycast gives you the distance to the ground, and then you should be able to force your character down.