2D Circle Collider Starting Position Negating Physics Body

I am taking a class and trying to understand why this behavior changes the way the physics working.

Example 1 - Everything works fine:
I have a Sprite with a Child Object under it with a “RangeSensor” under it. My intention is to use the RangeSensor Circle2D collider to move the sprite when the trigger is hit.

The graveyard crosses are part of the Foreground of the tileset, and if I move the sprite down, it stops at the crosses as they are acting as a “wall”.

This all works great up to this point.

Example 2: It breaks.
I increase the size of my Child GameObject Circle2D collider to give it a broader area to create the trigger event in. Nothing else has been changed.

When I start the game now and move the sprite down, it ignores the wall and just moves through it, ignoring the physics.

I read through the collider and trigger documentation but can’t find anything that would explain this behavior.
I’m not really worried about how to fix it, but I am worried about what I’m missing? Why does having a child object that is a Circle2D collider trigger overlap the “wall” change the behavior of the Parent Rigidbody physics?

If anyone knows what section of the documentation I need to re-read to understand this or can help explain I would be forever grateful.

FYI, I figured it out. There was a line used to “freeze” the sprite that set Kinetmatic to true. When that is set, the physics is ignored.

Only took 100 reviews of my code and stepping through it 1 piece at a time. A good lesson learned.