■ 2D Collider Pro Toolkit

2D Collider Pro Toolkit is your one stop solution for working with Unity 2D Colliders. It also includes complementary methods for 2D Physcs Raycast.

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  • 2D Camera Collider

This component creates 2D camera border collider. If you move or resize your camera, collider will dynamically change its points.
2D Camera Collider video



  • 2D Custom Colliders:

Arc Collider 2D creates 2D edge collider with Arc settings.
Skew Collider 2D creates 2D polygon collider with Skew settings.
Spiral Collider 2D creates 2D edge collider with Spiral settings.
2D Custom Colliders video



  • Show 2D Collider

This component creates visual zone of your 2D collider, which is perfect for debugging. You can set individual settings for all your 2D colliders.
Show 2D Collider video



  • 2D Sorting Raycast

2D Sorting Raycast is a static method of _2D_Collider_Pro static class. It is a raycast based on 2D Sorting, that returns sprite's collider hit info with highest priority sorted value (returns RaycastHit2D).
2D Sorting Raycast video



  • 2D Bounds Collider

It will create 2D collider from sprite bounds at runtime. Works with static and animated sprites.
2D Bound Collider video



  • 2D Reflection

This component creates 2D ray, which is reflected by mirrors (layer), and stopped by obstacles (layer). You can use Line Renderer for ray visualization.
2D Reflection video [spoiler]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRQjJ_qEkME[/spoiler]

  • 2D Drag

2 type of rigidbody drag - Kinematic and Hinge.
2D drag screenshot [spoiler]2899939--221012--screen5.png [/spoiler]

  • 2D Trajectory

Trajectory system with Line visualization. Also support reflected trajectory.
2D trajectory screenshot [spoiler]2899939--221013--screen6.png [/spoiler]

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When will it released?

Hi meapps. Currently the asset is being reviewed.

The Toolkit is already released !

We are going to share 5 voucher codes . If you are interested , email us.


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Some Images [spoiler]2937749--217329--screen1.png 2937749--217330--screen2.PNG 2937749--217331--screen3.PNG 2937749--217332--screen4.PNG some screenshots ...[/spoiler]


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Update is Ready

  • 2D Trajectory
  • 2D Drag

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Unity v5.6 crashes when I try to open any of the demo scenes. Was the asset tested in v5.6?

Hi qqqbbb . Thanks for Purchasing. Yes we tested in 5.6 and there were no any issues . Please try import it in a clean project and test it.

I did import it in a clean project.

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hey, i just bought your plugin, i just want to combine the projectile throw with the mirror project, i want to use your trajectory concept and remove the bouncy effect from any surface and absorb the line renderer with the wall. like you did in the mirror sample scene. please help me out. Like i would like the trajectory’s line renderer to be blocked by the wall instead of bouncing from it

How can I narrow down the reflect angle? The reflect angle is a bit wider for my rigidbody to bounce on the exact line.

Is there a way to prevent the reflecting line renderer material from stretching even if you chose it to tile?

I bought it. Can you help me?
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
_2D_Reflection.FixedUpdate () (at Assets/2D_Collider_PRO/_asset/base/Reflected Collider/_2D_Reflection.cs:189)

Can i use that to get a aim line in a 2d Shooter? Need to get the reflection/ricochet in objets too in this aim line.