2D collider putting player on top

I am working in 2D. I have a player with a rigid body and a 2d box collider. I have sets of steps that consist of 5 2d box colliders. When I walk into the steps instead of stopping the player it pops him up on top of the collider. If I hit the collider from the back he can walk through the collider to the front (if said collider has another collider on top of it, otherwise it pops you to the top). I don’t even know where to even begin trying to solve this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, zero

Thanks. I am indeed using .translate() , Glad to know that it is a simple fix. I will try out MovePosition() when I get some free time. I don’t want to use Addforce() because I want the player to move at a consistent speed. Thanks again for all the help.