2d collider stuck issue

I’m novice in Unity 2d and by my first game I choose platformer. I don’t know what am I doing :D. There is so many problems and issues with physics 2d so I need to google or make “a new bicycle”. For example collision without logic will overlap each other when you give velocity to one of them (I solve it with triggers that prevent movement to side where other collider is near).

Now I face unsolvable, by myself, trouble. Sometimes my character just stuck in walls(http://i.imgur.com/zJ0C8it.png) or cant fall because unseen collision happens (https://i.imgur.com/fgUlGMd.png).

1 - box collider (http://i.imgur.com/k07eJNc.png) 4 - box collider (https://i.imgur.com/WrHWdOw.png) 2,3 - triggers

Searching haven’t give me structured and right answer, so please, help me solve it.

P.S. When I turn off “fixed angle” on character rigidbody2d, all works fine, but physics change a lot and I wanna rigidbody2d with “fixed angle”.

P.S.S. Character controller script. Block logic script

I have find an temporary solution for this issue, but it like “invent a wheel”, so i still need better solution. Turn on/off fixed angle of rigidbody2d if position not changed for a while and character is not grounded.

Stackoverflow copy - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25278673/2d-collisions-not-working-properly