2D Colliders and OnMouseDown not working after build.

I have two scenes in a mouse only 2D puzzle game I’m working on that don’t work properly after I build the game, but work fine in the editor. In the first scene that doesn’t seem to work there are two objects with 2D circle colliders that are supposed to change colour when clicked on and of course they do fine when run in Unity editor but after building the game, the OnMouseDown() event only seems to trigger when you click in the far right or left side of the object. In the second scene that doesn’t work, you are meant to be able to click and drag the object but this one doesn’t work at all.

One thing that is weird about this is that the scene before the first that doesn’t work also has an object with another 2D circle collider on it with mostly the same settings (apart from the size and offset) and the script also uses the same OnMouseDown() but for some reason this one works perfectly. I have checked the output_log.txt and there are no errors in there.

I am building for windows (x32). If you need any clarification on anything or code samples, I can add them.

Turns out I had a collider behind it that was in the same z space so it was causing problems. Yep.