2D Collision Between Two Objects

I’ve been reading around for hours now and I can’t figure this out. I’ve got an asteroid with a kinematic rigid body and a circle collider. I’ve got a ship that rotates, upon pressing space, it creates a Laser(Clone). The laser is a prefab, which also has a kinematic rigid body and a primitive collider. In the asteroids script, I have this:

function OnCollisionEnter2D(hitbylaser : Collision2D){
	if(hitbylaser.gameObject.name == "Laser"){

I’ve tried changing “Laser” to “Laser(Clone)” but that doesn’t work. This is kind of the most important aspect of the game too. Right now I just want the log to tell me it hit. When it does I’ll add the explosion and destruction of the asteroid.

If you have isKinematic set, then you won’t get collision events. To start, figure out if you are getting any kine of collision. Just inside the OnCollisionEnter2D(), put:

Debug.Log(hitbylaser.collider.name+", "+hitbylaser.collider.tag);

This will tell you if OnCollisionEnter2D() is firing at all.