2D collision stops working if i have the object be a trigger,We're trying to make a 2D platformer, and having a trigger on an object removes it's collision. But, we need it to collide.

So, I’m currently trying to make a spike deal damage to the player. And we have managed to get that to work. Problem is that when i set the collider on it to be a trigger, the collider stops working and i just pass through the spike and take damage, instead of hitting the spike and taking damage.

Only when i remove the Is Trigger checkbox does it gain it’s collision, but i take no damage. If i check it, then i once again pass through the spike and take damage…

I have tried looking on the net for help, and haven’t found anything that works.

Solved. Added a second collider, with one set to have Is Trigger and the other set not to have Is Trigger.