2D Debug View with SteamVR creating black screen


I am having a problem with SteamVR and Unity 2020.1.6f1 personal edition. At first if I open the sample sceen of the InteractionSystem and run it on the PC it works by switching automatically to the alternate configuartion without using the HMD (NoSteamVRFallbackObjects). If I create a compiled version of that scene, the scene gets rendered with the camera beeing on ground and no interaction possible. If I attach a HTC Vive to the PC the program runs normally in the editor with the button option to switch to 2D debug, which works fine. When I romove the HTC Vive and rerun the project in the editor the system switches correctly again into the alternate configuration and the game objects are updated correctly. Except for the text on the debug HUD the rendering remains black though. The camera seems to be at the correct position. Anyone else experienced this effect (and eventually knows how to solve it)?


Hey there @unity_J7UBxyoDuGVd7w ,

The SteamVR plugin is developed and maintained by Valve. Please post your issues on their Github so their team can address..

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