2d explosion Particle effect hard to make

I’m in paint taking each frame of an explosion gif and moving it exactly in the right spot in one png. Every frame of the gif has to be in the right spot and its DARN HARD! Is there a thing that auto sorts each frame into the right spot. If I do it by mouse it shakes up and down when I run the particle effect. Not to mention takes as long as an old lady to arrange each frame. Ps:2d particles require you to put a bunch of frames into one png like a grid. is there an easier way?

  1. Save as a PNG and import into Unity. (If it’s an animated video, use a tool like https://sites.google.com/site/stevedunns/convertanimatedgifstospritemaps to convert to sprite sheet first)
  2. Set type to “Multiple” and let Unity’s sprite editor auto-slice for you.
  3. Profit.