2D Game Art, Animation, and Lighting for Artists - free e-book


I'm happy to announce that our new e-book, 2D game art, animation, and lighting for artists, is now available to download for free. This is our most comprehensive 2D development guide yet, created by the team behind the demo Dragon Crashers, with contributions from other Unity 2D experts.


>> Download <<

Here are some examples of the topics it covers:

  • Setting up your 2D project
  • Roundtripping between Unity and your DCC software
  • Creating and working with sprites, normal maps and mask maps, and layer sorting
  • Setting up Cameras
  • Creating animation and rigging
  • Configuring lights and special shader effects and techniques
  • Optimizing your project along the way

If you have questions or suggestions about the e-book, please use this thread, and we will try to help and consider the feedback for the following content we create about 2D.


kind of disappointing that this e-book assumes everyone has access to photoshop.

[quote=“juicedup”, post:2, topic: 875673]
kind of disappointing that this e-book assumes everyone has access to photoshop.
Hi. Thanks for checking the book. We also thought that not everyone uses Photoshop. If you look at page 24 we cover how you can export your layers as sprites from Photoshop, Affinity Photo & Designer and Krita, the process might be similar in other apps.

Regarding the PSD format, most drawing applications allow you to export to PSD/PSB, and since 2D PSD Importer is a handy tool for asset import but also 2D Animation we cover it but it’s not exclusive to Photoshop.

Is there any section where you would like to see the workflow with another drawing app?

Wow its good

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