2D game building

I want to make my 2D game side view so that in a mansion, there are rooms above (climb with ladders), below (more ladders) and to either side of the rooms with an end to the mansion after approximately 7 rooms in each direction. However, I have no clue how to make the gravity and platforms work. I’m probably overthinking it. Need quite a bit of help!

well i’m not good with unity, but i believe you could use a rigidbody and freeze it’s x and y when you “climb” your ladder, and just manually manipulate the position. there are plenty of tutorials on the rest of a 2d controller. if by platforms you meant moving platforms, then just

OnCollisionEnter(Collider 2D WhateverYouWantToNameIt) {
             if (WhateverYouWantToNameIt.tag == "your moving platform tag")//(casesensitive)
                          //do stuff to add the x&y movements of the platform to you


You are working in 2d, so dont forget that. Whether it is top down, side scrolling, etc…it is still 2d space. This means that the rooms on the sides/above/below could just as easily be walls surrounding a room from a top down view. The art would be the visual cue that we are playing a sidescroller rather than a top down.

You could use a rigidbody for gravity, or you can simulate your own for more control (though gravity is a pretty universal thing)

To simulate gravity, just apply a force in the direction you want the gravity to take effect. Cast a ray from the players position “down”. Use colliders on a ground layer of your choice. If a ray of a certain length (usually a length that ends a tiny bit below the characters feet) hits the ground collider, you are grounded. If not, apply the simulated gravity force.

I havent done a lot of 2d work inside unity, but I do know that unity has a whole collection of tools available for 2d games.



This video will show you the way most people doing 2D sidescrollers handle moving platforms:

The series this video is a part of is pretty good if you’re just trying this kind of thing out for the first time.