2d game for my first unity project.

I have already learned unity, Now i think that i’m ready to create my first game project to implement all of my knowledge which i grasped, any suggestion for me, I’m really appreciate your opinion to guide me to my first game project. note : i don’t want to create a board, trivia , and arcade game because the kind game implement so many logic, so i want game that can implement on both unity knowledge and my skill on coding like implement Object oriented design, by the way i have already made trivia game on my plays tore her is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DzarrahStudio.SantriJamanNow&hl=en_US.

maybe i will take action or strategy game on my first project, or if you have another opinion, I’m really open minded to follow your instruction, Thanks

Since you are not asking a question and more so for advice. You should ask on unity forums in the scripting category. Answers are only for direct problems with code and etc.