[2d Game]How to attach gameObject with HingeJoints

i want to when I click a first place his doing anything, but when I click a second place in a time lapse of about five seconds, its creates a spider web, so a texture or gameobject who owns a hingejoint and attach the two things hit during it’s two clicks. Don’t forgot, my game , was a 2d game…

I do some scripts, with the Line Renderer, but nothings work


A single google search revealed both of these links, and I’m positive you can find your answer there. I would also like to say that you should spend some more time on making your words make sense. I can barely make out what you’re even asking. All I know is that you’re doing something with hing joints in a 2D game. In the future, you should provide examples of code demonstrating what you’re currently doing or have tried. This will help people assist you. It is impossible for someone to help you based on the information you’ve provided without coding the entire thing themselves. Good luck.