2d game lagging

Hey guys. I'm making a side scroller with orthographic view. When I build and run it it is lagging alot.

I made the background out of 12 tiles all of which are 4096 argb 32bit. I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. It seems to lag the most where the planes meet. Anyone have experience with this ?

12 tiles of 4096x4096 each = 780MB of VRAM, assuming mipmaps are off (or 1020MB if they're on). Which is far too much; you'd be constantly loading and unloading from RAM. A reasonable number of computers can't even use texture sizes of 4096 in the first place.

Well, yeah. The size of those images are massive... you have them on the highest setting, which eats up FPS like crazy. Did you do that on purpose? One way to bring up the FPS is to decrease the size of the images by changing 4096 to 2048 or some smaller number, and if possible, argb 32bit to rgba 16 bit. Remember, a good game features a combination of speed and quality, so if your game is still lagging, you may want to consider creating smaller images for your background.