2D GAME - Pixel - OnGUI/GUITexture/2D planes ... ? best solution ?


I'm new to unity ! The crazy thing about the unity community and 2D games is that there is no real clear answer except "SM2" ...

I saw different things :

  • The good old plane with a texture on it After hours of research & test I managed to display a descent 32x32 texture (Filter mode to "Point" and all) on a 1x1x1 Cube with an orthographic camera. But the result isn't perfect...

alt text


  • OnGUI + GUI.DrawTexture()
  • The GUITextures

But is GUITextures/GUI.draw very suited for that kind of development ? (even for iOS ?). I'm thinking about the framerate (didn't tried this method yet).

How does people makes pixel-art games with unity ? is it even possible ?

Thanks !

SM + edit it yourself. SM2, no additions needed but costs $$. or, Flat planes in 3d package with joints to animate things like arms, legs, head. Search zombieville in forums for details. The dev team was super cool about releasing how they did it.

Do not use unity gui anythings for this. they do not batch at all. you will have a draw call for each gui element.

you can get pixel pefect art. yes, set to point filtering, but also set to advanced and turn off mipmaps and turn off compression.

I list a lot of best practices in this post: Universal Apps and Graphics Best Practices



Both using Unity’s GUI class or a sprite manager system, you can achieve ‘pixel perfectness’. This should give better results than doing it in 3D with point filtering (especially when moving objects).

More info about this can be found here: 2D Game Development in Unity3D: Overview.