(2D) Game runs faster when quality is set to low


So I’m experiencing a problem where my 2D game is speeding up as I lower the quality of the game (Through the launcher or In-Editor; Project Settings > Quality).
This is something I can’t seem to fix on my own except for leaving some unnecessary settings, like anti-aliasing, on.

Does anyone know what might be causing this problem?


I assume you mean your game objects are moving faster, not just a higher frame rate…

When moving things you need to do that in a frame rate independent manner. You can do this by doing updates in the FixedUpdate method which is always called at a consistent rate regardless of display frame rate. Or you can multiply values by Time.deltaTime before applying them to game objects so the movements are scaled by the frame speed.

For example, if you want an object to move at 10 units per second on the x axis then adding 10 * Time.deltaTime to x will make it move at that rate since deltaTime is the elapsed time in seconds for the previous frame.