2D Game: Show MP4/MOV video in part of the screen

I’m using VideoPlayer& AudioSource component in an empty Game Object to show full screen video.

In the Main Camera (Orthographic), I set the Rendering Path to “Forward”, and Video Player Render Mode is “Camera Far Plane” and set the Camera to Main Camera. The 15 second video played for 2 seconds in full screen and stopped without error.

My questions are:

  1. Why did the video stop?
  2. How to make the video show in part of the screens (e.g. upper part of the screen)? There are other game objects and User Interface in the screen; I want to show these side-by-side with the video.

first i have no idea why it stopped, it didnt crash or through errors? can you try playing other mp4 files?
second, you can use a render texture Unity - Manual: Render Texture , what it does is render the camera image into a texture, that you can later use that texture in the RawImage gameobject so it has your desired size