2D game....which language should I learn?

Hey guys,
I have no programming knowledge, but I want to make a 2D game.
Which language should I learn?
Unityscript or C#
Which one is easier to learn?

C# is a more versatile language, and it’s strongly typed - meaning you have to declare variables as int/float/string and can then only assign the correct data to your variable. Javascript is weakly typed, so you can assign any data to any variable. This might sound easier, but actually weak typing just hides errors caused by accidentally trying to add an int to a string or such like. Strong typing is stricter, and insists you fix those errors before the code will even run.

Plus learning C# will make it much easier to transition to C/C++ later if you find you enjoy coding.

i personally like to use c# whenever i can, but use whatever language you think is right.