2D game with 3D models

Hi. I’ve been looking for a tutorial about a 2D game using 3D models (not sprite) and I couldn’t find one. I found some related to 2D platformers but its not what I need. I would appreciate if some of you can link me a good tutorial to start with or give me some tips or suggestions. My idea is to create a ‘2.5D’ similar to the latest Mario games. While looking in the forums I some several people linking to a 2D with 3D models game tutorial from this site, but the link is not working anymore. Thanks in advance.

Maybe this is somehow inspired by Voxels, which are pixel-based 2.5D objects very reminiscent of Ken Silverman’s Build games, like Blood from Monolith (take in mind, it’s one of those DOS games).

These were actually color dots (colors on each dot are like pixels in the texture) in the 2.5D space which are place to compose a “fake” 3D object, like the gravestones or the weapons in Blood. Though it could be an actual pain in the ass to code an object like that, because you might need to list every single coordinate for every single color dot that composes that.

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about:




Might try to look for an image effect shader tutorial?
Shaders 102 - Basics of Image Effects - YouTube < is an explanation what an image effect shader does.

and might think of cell shading?
Cel Shader (Toon-shader) for Unity3D, CG-programming - YouTube here an tutorial all about cell shading