2D game with high FPS feels jittering/stuttering/laggy

Hello, I’m making this 2D game where I use rb2d.AddRelativeForce(Vector3.up); (rb2d is rigidbody) to fly with my character on button hold (he falls when the button is released) and that flying feels kinda jittering/stuttering/laggy on my android phone even tho the FPS is 60. Sometimes I feel it in the editor too.

My settings on rigidbody are: Mass: 0.05, Linear Drag: 0, Angular Drag: 0.05 and Gravity Scale: 1.

This is the Profiler:

I tried to deal with this WaitForTargetFPS problem but I can’t do anything about it. VSync Count is set to Don’t Sync.

I would appreciate any help!

It looks like your Physics2DFixedUpdate is not hogging much time, so I don’t think it’s a performance issue. Are you detecting the button in Update() or FixedUpdate()?

The code in your comment shows you are moving the rigidbody in the Update() function. All physics based calculations should be done in FixedUpdate() and any movement of a rigidbody should be multiplied by Time.deltaTime to be framerate independent when making calculations (e.g. speed).