2D Games in Unity3D?

I need to make a 2D game in Unity3D, but don’t know yet how to handle it.
Where do I make the objects? Do I make them in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator as regular pictures, personal I think you can make a picture and can paste it on a cube in Unity3D to use it as a background, but the obstacles? Do I need to make them in Autodesk 3D’s Max or can it also be done in Adobe Photoshop as 2D picture’s.
And the last question for characters. Do I need to make them in 3D or can I also make characters as sprites in Adobe Photoshop as example. And how do I animate them if you can make them as 2D pictures. I have seen video’s on Youtube that people have 2D characters with animations. If you didn’t understand my purpose then ask me, English is not my main language. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Check out http://www.walkerboystudio.com/html/unity_training___free__.html#unity3game3 to make a 2D Mario Mimic.
You can use any of common software to create your models, they most likely all export to an FBX, if not you can find a converter online.

This is a great free tutorial to help you complete something if you don’t know what the heck to do and this provides you with all assets you need and a good paced instruction on creating scripts hands on learning.