[2D graphical bug] Sprite Edge blends. Why this is happening?

Why this is happening??? x(
I’m using spritesheets and the seperate sprites’s edge bledn tougether. Not a unit of a line, only one pixel of it. You can clearly see it on the images. If you zoom the image to original size, its much more clearly visible. if im thinking right, the line is not random. It only happens, if in the spritesheet, the sprite under the current sprite has a content in the first row pixels, for some reasons it blends with the sprite… Here is an explonation about my thoughts: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Why does this happen? How should I fix this?

Set the “Wrap Mode” on your texture to “Clamp”.

This will stop Unity sampling from the other side of the texture when it’s drawing edges that are smaller than a pixel.