2D graphics work on Android but some don't show for iOS

I’m using Unity 4.3.2 with the latest 2DToolkit. The game is complete and works fine on Android but some of the 2D game objects that get instantiated in scripts are not being displayed on iPhone. I can manually place game objects into the scene and they are shown (like prefabs dragged into the heirarchy). But not when I instantiate it from code.

GameObject levelStarClone = (GameObject)Instantiate(levelStar);
levelStarClone.transform.position = new Vector3(-885.381f, 222.3519f, -428.7173f);

I am using the Pro version of Android but not for iOS. Could that have anything to do with it? I’m not sure what could be wrong?

Just in case someone else runs into some strange problems between Android and iOS I’ll answer the question. This had nothing to do with any type of graphics problems, the problem was with AOT not working with the mono collections sort oderby function. I was using LINQ functions to randomize some objects. While is compiled and ran, it would not display my objects. Here is a better explanation: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/376884/using-linq-when-building-to-ios.html