2d graphics

Hi, I’m creating a 2d game and I was originally making my levels and objects out of 3d objects made from blender. Is there an easier way to make 2d graphics and put them in your game instead of hassling with 3d objects?

Hi Jake,

Well Unity is a 3D Engin and all your your objects will always be 3D and in 3D space. But, you can put all your graphics on planes, they are still 3D Objects as they can be rotated in XY and Z but they only have 2 triangles, which minimizes the amount of mesh you have and gives you a 2D Effects.

Note that the planes from the engine have a lot of triangles, if you are planing on using this method, it is a good idea to import a Mesh plane from a 3rd party software like 3ds max or blender with only 1 polygon or 4 vertexes or 2 triangles =) to Unity and apply your textures to it.

I was told that it is best to scale it in the 3rd party software or in the import settings instead of using the In game scale tool. It is one of these things that I have been told, and I dont know why its done but I do it lol.

Draw texture is your best bet.


Also this may be of interest to you: 2D in Unity3D with Parallaxing - YouTube

Nod. If it’s absolutely 2D only, there’s no reason you couldn’t bypass the 3D entirely and just use GUI.DrawTexture() calls…

Seems like a lot of extra power doing nothing, though. If you do a 2D game as 3D planes with textures on them, you can do some cool effects and particles that you couldn’t easily replicate in the 2D GUI layer.