2d gravity swap and wall run

I’m having trouble coming up with an idea to set gravity to be in a horizon direction and not vertical I have an idea for allowing running on walls after the gravity is in place but I’m not positive it will work and it will take awhile to make continue reading if you are curious on what I think might work otherwise an answer would be nice also I’m using the 2020 version of unity

Let’s start this off with I’m only 2 weeks into coding but my idea was have a collision check that checks if a hit box is overlapping with another hit box then make it check for a tag the tag would be different for each of the 4 ways you could be on the walls and make 4 different rent ways that movement would work for each and 4 different angles to set the player at there might be one or two other things but that’s most of it

Instead of checking tags, one way to do this would be by using Raycasts (shooting one out a short distance for each of the sides)