2D - how to make an object "not stayable" and the player would fall from it

I am using boxcollider2D, so its “cube” collider. I cant find out the solution when the player jumps on this “cube” object, so it will slowly fall of? Or is there any way to make a object not cube collision and easier?

I thought about make gameobject of top collision, and using boxcast to little angle it ?

You could just turn of the “Is Trigger” Option in the box collider 2D Component on the “cube” object. (I am new so don’t hunt me down professional unity programmers)

In the box collider there is a bool which says is trigger this will deactivate the physics of the touching. If you have other scripts that relate to this game objects in your code that say “OnCollisionEnter” or exit Then change the “Collison” to Trigger and it will fix it