2d image does not scale/stretch correctly

Basically, i have a 4k ui image, i want to stretch to fit the screen at any resolution and aspect ratio. Though it only seems to stretch the image keeping its own proportions / aspect ratio ?

when i remove the canvas scaler my image also becomes a red cross, strangely enough.

How do i make it stretch correctly?

Things i’ve tried;

  • Change canvas scaler to match width/height at 0.5, and various resolutions
  • Aspect fitter and preserve aspect though thats the opposite of what i wanna do
  • Set the objects be anchored and stretch in various different directions

Here is some images of the test UI in various different aspect ratios

(it wouldnt let me upload the images directly)

Found the problem myself, it was because my image had scaling on it, so it misbehaved and didnt stretch properly.

You could set the anchor preset of the image to stretch with the full screen, but then the image will look a bit stretchy