2D Isometric grid movement direction

Hey all, Im wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction here (literally lol)

So, to set the stage here, Ive created a gameobject with a grid component set to isometric, and have a tilemap gameobject also set with isometric settings… everything here works just fine, my goal is to have a rollercoaster tycoon style game for examples sake… heres a screenshot of it:

My problem is the direction at which the character moves, I want him to move along the isometric grid.

All Im doing for the moment to move the player is this when you press the up arrow:

transform.position += new Vector3(0.5f, 0.5f);

Ive also tried messing with those values a little to try and get the angle right but I feel Im going about this all wrong, he doesnt seem to want to follow that isometric pattern, but instead stray off onto the adjacent row on the grid.

TL;DR How do I move a gameobject correctly on an isometric grid?

any advice on this would be fantastic.

For those who come across this in the future, a very simple way to translate a 45-degree diagonal movement into isometric space is to simply multiply the movement direction’s x by 2 (assuming your isometric grid’s height is half its width).