2d isometric tile/grid map

Hello, I want to create a 2 tile/grid map with an isometric view.
I want the isometric base/map to be tile width 21 wide and 20 tall, from point to point, I’m trying to achieve simular to this, for example: Screenshot by Lightshot but when in game, look simular to this game: Screenshot by Lightshot

What would be the best way to create a 2d tile/grid map with an isometric view? All I need is it to be water for now, as will use C# with a building object to place the land once the map is done?
I’ve been looking for hours and just can’t seem to find anything, I found a software called Tiled, and a tutorial for importing it to unity but the tilemap sizing didn’t really work well to my needs.

Any info is appreciated

The easiest would be: Work in a 3d space, rotate the camera 45 degrees and use the orthographic camera setting.