2d jump through an object and land on it.

In a lot of 2d platformers, you have the ability to jump up through and object and land on it. Is it currently possible to do this in unity and if so, what is an efficient method? Also I watched a preview video for unity 5, they will be making it easier then right? Have they set a release date for 5 yet?

I use c# so if you have an example of what I would do, that would help. If it can be explained easily, I won’t need an example. Turn off the collider until the player is at a certain height above the platform then turn it on? This seems like it would cause a lot of issues. If I had something similar to the is grounded method where you detect where the players feet are, would this work?

My worries are it turning on too early and causing collision issues or too late so it turns back off before the player lands.

I’m not sure if there’s an easier way to do this now, I’ll let someone correct me, but you might find this useful :slight_smile: