2d jumping, addForce hitting a max height despite force strength

So I have a pretty rudimentary physics-based jumping system, mainly I use rigidbody2d.AddForce to add a force to the up direction. When I use a small value, it does essentially nothing, as the value is just too small to do much of anything. However, after a certain level of force, the height of the jump maxes out and will not go any higher, even if I set the force to a ridiculous value. The mass of the rididbody2d is set to 1.

//check for jumping
		if (inputY == 1 && grounded) {
			rigidbody2D.AddForce(Vector3.up * 1000000000000);

that should be the only relevant code. The max point the gameobject reaches appears to be where his feet reach his head’s initial position, and it happens instantly. Gravity does not reduce the object’s velocity over any interval. Any thoughts/insights related to the subject are most welcome.

I’m seeing the same problem though I haven’t solved it. There appears to be a cap on the amount of force that can be applied in one frame maybe? It’s very strange. You can make it look good if you scale down your objects and use a smaller orthographic camera size. The demo uses Ortho size 11

That grounded Linecast you’re using looks like it’s going to hit the Player’s own collider and therefore always return true. Thus, you only get one frame of jumping regardless of how high you set the force.