2D Level Design (programmatically or not)


I am right at the start of building a 2D side-scrolling game. My question is, should i build up the entire level in Unity by positioning background, decortation and foreground? Or should I loop these sprites in code, as the user moves forwards or backwards?

For better understanding, I included a draft of how my scene will look like:

I hope you can give me some hints!

Thank you!

you’d only loop sprites for infinite scrolling type games or extremely long ones I’d imagine.

The thing is if loop you either

A. Have terrain that is less varied and so more meh.

B. Write up lots of code to mix and mash terrain, which is cool but unless your doing a crazy amount of levels you might as well just spend that time hand detailing each terrain to make sure it looks great.

I would suggest partitioning it out. Make Chunks of terrain you’ve hand made and then stitch them together to generate levels.