2D Lights Flicker when in motion, not always visible.

I have a perspective camera looking at a 2D scene, and a physics box in that 2D scene with a Point Light 2D attached. When the box is sitting still, the light isn’t visible at all. When in motion the light will randomly flicker and be briefly visible before once again disappearing. This issue happens in both the editor and built versions of the game. Im running Unity 2020.3.15f1 which as far as I’m aware doesn’t have any issues with 2D lights and perspective cameras. No post processing, only other script affecting the camera is on the main camera gameobject and it is the FMOD Studio Listener, which I’ve tested and it has no effect. Have update all materials in the project with the render pipeline updater to no avail.

hey there @Fonics,

Did you try to increase the z position of the light towards the camera?