2D Lights not working when camera output is texture, what's wrong?

I'm trying to get a camera to output to a render texture with 2D lights applied to the content.

at first it seems like all the lights were getting culled, but I tweaked it so that they weren't and frame debugger shows them being drawn.9876054--1424166--upload_2024-6-6_19-45-18.png

normal map, mesh and matrices appear to be being passed correctly.


However, the result going into _LightTexture_0_0 is effectively empty. The light mesh data is not added. Do I need to tweak the texture to resolve properly or something?

Again, the issue only arises if the camera is rendering into a target texture.

What am I misunderstanding or doing wrong?

nevermind, it was indeed the culling (my cameras have very thin frustrums).
Wish there was a way to override the bounding sphere for 2d light culling but oh well, I can work with this.