2D ligting, light cone

Hi. I have a one question. How to make a 2d lighting () in unity, like on this screenshots?
alt text

alt text

alt text

i dont need a shadows, just i want to the items are in the darkness have a low brightness and those items that are on a beam of light have normal brightness. Just look at the screenshots. no shadows, no geometry

Make intensity of your DirectionalLight really small and your others with way higher.

P.S. Obviously select No shadows if you don’t need them.

P.P.S. Completely forgot to mention that you can also change Ambient intensity to a smaller value as well (it can be found in Lighting view => Scene => Environment lighting).

Change the material of the renderer to Unlit instead of Sprites-Default. Now your sprite reacts to lights.
Add some light source (in your screenshot the type of light is spotlight), adjust it’s position (x,y,z) and it’s rotation (enter in 3d view to make it easy).