2D looking 3D game

Hey there. I’ve been flirting with Unity from a long time ago! However, I just started really thinking about creating a small game, to play with a few friends.

What I want to produce is a 2D looking game, in a 3D environment. Think Castle Crashers (Castle Crashers Gameplay - YouTube) and the old school D&D Arcade ([CPS2]Dungeons & Dragons Shadow over Mystara Elf Hardest no death playthrough - YouTube). It’s just a small game, for me and a few friends - but I would love to start learning something, at least enough to make something better in the future.

I tried the 2D game tutorial in the Unity tuts, but it’s the opposite of what I want - it was a 3D game in a 2D-moving-way :frowning:

I’m not a good artist, but I’m a very good programmer (at least on JS and Java - closest to C# I ever been).

Where should I start?

Thanks for your help!!!


im confused castle crashers isn’t 2d. The only thing that is kind of 2d about it is that the art for the player objects APPEARS 2dish.

Thats just an artistic decision. They decided to make the characters a plane with an image on them.

2d is 1 of 2 things. Viewed from above ala asteriods or something and you can’t change the height at which your player object resides or its viewed from the side and you can’t change the depth ala mario brothers or contra etc.

Castle Crashers is like that except that you can change the depth at which your character resides.

You can change your depth, you can jump to change height, you can move left and right. It’s a 3d side scroller. AKA its a 3d game moving in a 2d way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same with D&D you can move in 3 dimensions UNLIKE MARIO which is a true 2d sidescroller.

yea except that each sprite has to have a game object which kinda messes with the number of draw calls.

sprite manager is a script you can attach to a game object to overcome these limitations. its free for public use and published on the wiki.