2D Movement Problems

This is my first time using Unity and I was excited for the new Native 2D but after 8 hours and like 4 tutorials I still cant get my character to move. I keep getting errors. Any help would be appreciated, just trying to get my feet off the ground.

Here is my Player Controller movement script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class PlayerControl : MonoBehaviour
	public bool facingRight = true;			// For determining which way the player is currently facing.
	public bool jump = false;				// Condition for whether the player should jump.

	public float moveForce = 365f;			// Amount of force added to move the player left and right.
	public float maxSpeed = 5f;				// The fastest the player can travel in the x axis.
	public float jumpForce = 1000f;			// Amount of force added when the player jumps.

	private Transform groundCheck;			// A position marking where to check if the player is grounded.
	private bool grounded = false;			// Whether or not the player is grounded.
	private Animator anim;					// Reference to the player's animator component.

	void Awake()
		// Setting up references.
		groundCheck = transform.Find("groundCheck");
		anim = GetComponent<Animator>();

	void Update()
		// The player is grounded if a linecast to the groundcheck position hits anything on the ground layer.
		grounded = Physics2D.Linecast(transform.position, groundCheck.position, 1 << LayerMask.NameToLayer("Ground"));  

		// If the jump button is pressed and the player is grounded then the player should jump.
		if(Input.GetButtonDown("Jump") && grounded)
			jump = true;

	void FixedUpdate ()
		// Cache the horizontal input.
		float h = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");

		// The Speed animator parameter is set to the absolute value of the horizontal input.
		anim.SetFloat("Speed", Mathf.Abs(h));

		// If the player is changing direction (h has a different sign to velocity.x) or hasn't reached maxSpeed yet...
		if(h * rigidbody2D.velocity.x < maxSpeed)
			// ... add a force to the player.
			rigidbody2D.AddForce(Vector2.right * h * moveForce);

		// If the player's horizontal velocity is greater than the maxSpeed...
		if(Mathf.Abs(rigidbody2D.velocity.x) > maxSpeed)
			// ... set the player's velocity to the maxSpeed in the x axis.
			rigidbody2D.velocity = new Vector2(Mathf.Sign(rigidbody2D.velocity.x) * maxSpeed, rigidbody2D.velocity.y);

		// If the input is moving the player right and the player is facing left...
		if(h > 0 && !facingRight)
			// ... flip the player.
		// Otherwise if the input is moving the player left and the player is facing right...
		else if(h < 0 && facingRight)
			// ... flip the player.

		// If the player should jump...
			// Set the Jump animator trigger parameter.

			// Add a vertical force to the player.
			rigidbody2D.AddForce(new Vector2(0f, jumpForce));

			// Make sure the player can't jump again until the jump conditions from Update are satisfied.
			jump = false;
	void Flip ()
		// Switch the way the player is labelled as facing.
		facingRight = !facingRight;

		// Multiply the player's x local scale by -1.
		Vector3 theScale = transform.localScale;
		theScale.x *= -1;
		transform.localScale = theScale;


Make sure that you applied the script to your player.

Don’t name your Class PlayerControl. This is already defined in the global:: namespace. Rename it to e.g. PlayerController. This should work.