2d object gone and i cant add more

as you can see there on sprite renderer, theres missing(sprite)

when i try to add more, theres no 2d object option

i was trying to remove my package pack, maybe i messed up with the unity object file

please help,

I’m not sure why the 2D Object option does not show up but you can always make your own. If you were to click “Sprite” from that 2D object menu, its the same as creating an empty game object then adding a Sprite Renderer component to it.
Now judging from this question I don’t think that’s actually what you want, it seems like you want to assign a value to the “sprite” property of the sprite render. In this case this would have to be an image in your project folder that has Texture Type set to “Sprite” in its import settings. If you hit the little circle on the right side of the empty sprite property, it will bring up a menu that will list all images in your project directory that are being imported as sprites. What shows up in that list are the ONLY things that can be assigned to that field. If nothing shows up, you need to find the image you want to use and change its import settings.
TLDR - If you want a Sprite GameObject, that is just any object with a Sprite Renderer. If you want to fill the “sprite” field of a Sprite Renderer object you need to give it a sprite image from your assets folder.