2D object look at 3D object

I would like to make my 2D arrow point at (face) a 3D object. The arrow is an image in canvas. I’ve tried a lot of solutions already, but none of them worked. The arrow needs to be rotated along Z axis only. Could someone help me?

I only know unity 2D, so can’t help you with the logistics, but to make an arrow ‘point at’ a 3D object…

well, 3D objects have planes. imagine that the arrow is a vector - to make it face ‘at’ the plane, make it perpendicular to the plane (with the arrow being the ‘Normal Vector’ to the plane). that’s just what I think, I know nothing about 3D unity

@GoGoLoN Did you find the answer of your question. I’m also trying to do so. But did not find a reasonable Answer. If you have done. Please help me.

All you have to do is freeze the axe you don’t want to touch. The easiest way is to save the angles of the axis you want to keep, use LookAt. then revert back the saved axis.
Also, you say many solutions, but it’s hard to give advice without knowing what those are, because we could simply repeat those solutions.